Corporate Event Sponsors

Each year Voice of Hope produces seven major fundraising events. In the spring we host Marion Brunch, Bucyrus Brunch and Upper Sandusky Brunch. In the summer there is a  5K Run/ Walk for Life in Marion, Walk for Life in Bucyrus, and another Walk for Life in Upper Sandusky Ohio. Finally, in September, we have our Fall Fundraising Banquet. Our goal is to raise at least $65,000.00. The expense for all of these fundraisers amount to  $15,000.00. We ask for Business to underwrite the cost of the events, which will allow 100% of the proceeds raised to benefit the ministry. In exchange for paying for the event expenses, Voice of Hope has an advertisement package for each level of sponsorship. Please download the Corporate Sponsor Packet and consider being our next business underwriter for 2018 fundraising year.
Corporate Sponsor Packet