Earn While You Learn (EWYL)

Earn While You Learn (EWYL) is a prenatal and parenting educational program. It consists of over 52 courses offered free to all of our clients. This is a faith based curriculum that covers many topics that may come up during a pregnancy or in any of the parenting stages. Clients are able to earn "Baby Bucks" when they attend classes then use them to purchase much needed baby items.

 EWYL also gives Voice of Hope the opportunity to minister to all families. We are not limited to helping women facing unplanned pregnancies. We also help families faced with planned pregnancies but unplanned life situations. Families who have "too much month and not enough money" can join our program and utilize the resources available. Amazingly enough we have witnessed more lives saved through this dynamic of the ministry than the pregnancy center. Those who discover they are pregnant while having financial difficulty, are likely to abort. Voice of Hope serves as a resource to help in troubled times and we are often the first call they make.

There is a third dynamic to our program. Voice of Hope ministries will work with parents who are at risk of their children being removed from the home, or are already in foster care. Parents who are required to take parental training classes can participate in the EWYL program for free. Voice of Hope proudly works with Children Services to provide coaching and lessons to help them in their reunification endeavors.
Examples of EWYL Courses

Healthy Families
First, Second and Third Trimester
Getting Ready for Baby
Child Safety
Toddler Safety
Caring for Newborn
Your Baby: Three to Nine Months
Your Baby: Nine to Twelve Months
Your Baby: The First Years
Healing the Hurt (Pregnancy Loss)
123 Magic
Early Childhood
Have a New Kid by Friday
Keys to Successful Parenting
Essentials of Discipline
Boundaries with Kids
Step Parenting
Life Skills
Men’s Fraternity
Positive Partnership
Special Circumstances