Bethel Ministries is governed by a Board of Directors that meets once per month to discuss and govern the mission of the ministry. They are a group of men and women from various backgrounds and church denominations.

 If you are interested in becoming a board member or learning more about the board please call 740-223-0419 and ask to speak with Barbara. 

Lindsey HenryLindsey Henry
Board President
Cell Phone: 740
Office Phone: 361
Home Phone: 3978

Sarah OsborneSarah Osborne
Board Vice President
Sarah Osborne has served Voice of Hope as a volunteer for nine years and has added ... more

Lisa BushLisa Bush
Board Secretary
Lisa is a wife, mother and passionate follower of Jesus Christ. Lisa and her husband Eli have ... more

Shiloh StimsonShiloh Stimson
Board Treasurer

Sarah McClainSarah McClain
Board Member

Christa SteigerChrista Steiger
Board Member
Faithful Christian, wife to Ritchie Steiger, and proud mother of two grown sons, Shaun and ... more

Pamela PinneyPamela Pinney
Board Member
I have given my life to Jesus Christ to be used for His glory. He is my Lord. I will never be ... more