History & Mission

Bethel was established as a “Pregnancy Care Ministry” in 1988 which offered a 24-hour crisis pregnancy hotline and opened its first Voice of Hope Pregnancy Center in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.  Bethel currently consists of three Voice of Hope Pregnancy centers serving Marion, Crawford and Wyandot counties. Each center offers a variety of services such as free laboratory-grade pregnancy tests, a baby and maternity clothing closet, information on adoption and abortion alternatives, lay counseling and a prenatal and parenting education program. The ministry believes in the sanctity of human life and will not, under any circumstances, encourage or refer for abortion. 
Over the last few decades, Bethel Ministries has undergone many transitions. Starting as a pregnancy center then later opening a teen maternity home, Bethel Home for Expectant Mothers, and later still an after-care facility, Loudan After-care Home. Our ministry is continuing to transform. In 2008, we closed both residential portions of our ministry; in 2009 we consolidated our two centers in Crawford County in an effort to be better stewards of our resources. In 2010, we moved into our new Medical Facility in Marion and as of April, 2011 we have been providing limited ultrasounds.

Our goal as a prolife ministry has been to establish life and encourage women and teens to choose life for their unborn baby. Usually, women facing abortion, struggle with one or all three of the following negative dynamics. They may not have enough resources to provide for a baby, most are unsure they would have the skills to raise a child, and usually they are all alone because the father has abandoned them, and often, family has also disappeared. Our team at voice of Hope is dedicated to offsetting these particular anxieties by utilizing the Earn While You Learn program. This allows moms to take parenting classes, and earn our in-house currency called ’’Baby Bucks'' for each class taken. The ''Baby Bucks'' can be used to purchase items that are needed for their baby from our boutiques. The boutiques are stocked with baby items that are essential; such as cribs, clothing, diapers, wipes bottles and formula. Every visit moms are paired with a Client Advocate who will help them with their lessons, discuss topics covered that day, and pray with her. By incorporating the Earn While You Learn program into what we do at Voice of Hope, we are successfully encouraging mothers by taking away the typical anxieties caused by an unintended pregnancy.

In the spirit of transitioning over the years, Voice of Hope has developed into a family education center as well as a pregnancy center. By offering our entire program to all families, instead of limiting it to women in with a crisis pregnancy, we are able to help impact the community and strengthen families. We have also found by being connected to families who have a little too much month at the end of their money, when they find themselves expecting, un-expectantly, we are the first phone call they make. We have seen, on multiple occasions, babies’ lives saved because the moms came to us first expressing a needed to have an abortion. The relationship that was already established opened the door for us to speak boldly on behalf of the little one waiting to be born.

Years ago we called our In-house currency Mommy Money. There have been fathers come to us for free parenting class in an attempt to reunify with their children who were in foster care. We were able to obtain grant money and increase our curriculum to meet the needs of fathers coming to our program. We believe, meeting families at the other end of the ''crisis spectrum'' will also save lives. Pro-choice advocates love to trot-out the foster child; with the argument some children would have been better off not born. At Voice of Hope, we are investing in combatting that argument by offering our time, talent and treasure in an effort to help families in crisis. We partner with parents’ with a program that uses coaching, education, and prayer as tools to help them in their journey toward reunification.
" Bethel Ministries is a life-affirming organization that promotes the Sanctity of Human Life and educates and equips individuals to make positive choices consistent with God's design for family and sexuality."