#Giving Tuesday

By Jeff Brugler |  November 14, 2017

A Willing Heart
          God's work is accomplished through people who have willing hearts. Exodus 35:29 NLT, says:” The Israelites, all the men and women, whose hearts moved them to bring material for all the work which the Lord had commanded Moses to be done, brought a freewill offering to the Lord.”
          A Tabernacle needed to be built. God ordered it. Moses oversaw building it. Financing the Tabernacle would require people to give. They gave as their hearts were stirred, and touched by the holy project. Freely and willingly, they brought their generous gifts to the Lord and the Tabernacle was completely underwritten. The Bible states that, “much more than enough” (Exodus 36:5-7) was brought by the people. These faithful folks left a mark that could not be erased. That mark was the Tabernacle where people met with God for generations.
          Giving out of a willing heart is never drudgery. Whole-hearted, freewill giving is always a delight! Willing givers not only want to give, but they can't wait to give. In ministry, “much more than enough” happens when willing hearts bring gifts to the Lord.
In 1988 God called this ministry to save innocent lives. Since then, Bethel Pro-life Ministries/ Voice of Hope has grown to, not only save lives, but to strengthen families. With every heart beat heard, and parenting class taken, we are building a type of tabernacle for people in our community to meet with God and bless families.
          The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is known to be #Giving Tuesday.  This Giving Tuesday, can you have a willing Heart and donate to Voice of Hope Pregnancy Centers; thus providing “much more than enough”? We are building a program that greatly impacts families and this community. In the culture we live in, more than enough is greatly needed!
          To learn more about #Giving Tuesday, visit  
www.givingtuesday.org. You can also make a year-end donation or #Giving Tuesday donation directly on our website at www.betheldonors.org, or by sending a payment to our mailing address (main office for all centers) at 217 W. Center St. Marion, Ohio 43302.