Induced Abortions in Ohio- Ohio Department of Health 2017 Report

By Barbara Mills |  March 15, 2019

Last fall Ohio Department of Health issued their REPORT on how many abortions were obtained in the state of Ohio in 2017. Please click here to download report and feel free to get lost in the numbers as I do. There are 46 pages of information reporting different demographics of women who obtained an abortion that you may find astounding. Shockingly, 19,615 Ohio babies were aborted in 2017. Almost 50% of those abortions were our African American Ohioans who only make up 12% of our population of 11.69 million. This is just one example of the egregous atrocities of abortion on our state! 
The Ohio Right to Life organization have recently posted thier 2019 Legislative Agenda. Let's be #PROLIFE4LIFE and partner with each other in prayer that  Ohio Right to Life's Legislative Agenda, when passed, will cripple this number in the future.