Run/Walk for Life Results

By Barbara Mills |  August 2, 2017

Exciting News! Voice of Hope hosted  3 Run/Walk for Life events this year with a goal of $10,000. Thanks to the help, participation and support of so many, we exceeded our goal. God is doing amazing things with this ministry!
There were almost 100 participants in the Marion 5k Run/Walk for Life, 20 at Upper Sandusky's and 37 in Bucyrus. Our goal is to see Marion reach 200 participants, and 100 walkers at each Upper and Bucyrus' Walk for Life. I know we can double our goal to $20,000! Join me and pray for the 2018 Run/Walk for Life to be even GREATER!
Mark your calendars
Marion- June 9th 2018,  Marion Harding High School
Upper- June 23rd 2018,  Harrison Smith Park
Bucyrus- July 7th, 115 Rensselaer St