So many reasons to be thankful

By Natalie Longmeier |  November 21, 2014 Thanksgiving Everyone!
I hope you take a minute this next week to slow down and make new traditions and memories with your families. Often times we get so busy with what we need (want) to do that we forget about what is truly important.
The families that we serve have many challenges during this time of year. They want to make the Holiday seasons special for their family, as we all do. I am very thankful we get to help families year around and many times they need an extra boost around this season. Providing diapers and an extra pack of wipes can help many that struggle to provide the practical items they need. This gives them an opportunity to provide "extra" things for their families for the Holidays.
The Staff and Board of Directors are so thankful for all who support the ministry. YOU are the reason we can provide the practical items these families need. 
I want to take the time to say Thank YOU for your generosity and pray God Blesses you this season!
God Bless,
Natalie Longmeier
Executive Director