Thank you for your continued support

By Natalie |  May 19, 2014

Hello Supporters,
Thank you to all who came and supported Voice of Hope at our 1st Annual 5K Run and our Walks for Life. We did not meet our overall goal this year. Attendace was low for the events and many who have walked years prior did not participate. We understand the date does not work for everyone and the weather may have been off putting, but I would like you to consider sending in a donation to contirbute towards the 2014 Walk for Life.
We ask you to continue to pray for our ministry as we move forward and reach many women and families in our communities. Great work is being done in our centers. Our current staff of volunteers are wonderful and very dedicated. Voice of Hope can not operate with out you. We appreciate you and your contribution of  time, prayers, and finances. 
Thank you & God Bless
Natalie Longmeier, Executive Director